For aspiring models, your portfolio
is your tool as well as your weapon.  
Start out with strong basics
to help you get your work out there.

Janey Avalon offers a killer starter-kit
including 2 looks,
2 fully edited head-shots,
2 full-body images,
and fashion-standard unretouched images.
The first look is a fashion-standard look
(blue-jeans and a gray tank-top or tee),
and the second is your choice!

For web-sized digital images
(CD delivered to you within 2 weeks of shoot),
this starter-kit costs only $100!
(Make-up and hair are available for an additional $25.)
Prints for a hard-copy portfolio are available at-costs to the model.
(Please bear in mind that prints take
additional delivery time
and are subject to the mail's expedience.)

To book a shoot, please email JaneyAvalon(at)
with "Model Starter-Kit" in the subject line.

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